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House of Mystery

The Stranger
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The Phantom Stranger. The Grey Walker. The Brotherless One. He has accumulated many names, but his true one is long since forgotten. Some suggest he was an angel who refused to choose a side in the Fall. Others suggest he was a mortal who defied God, but with pure intentions. Whatever the case may be, the Stranger is a unique figure in the universe.

The Stranger may be entirely immortal. The Spectre was unable to destroy the Stranger in his Day of Vengeance rampage; in another tale, the Stranger was told by an avatar of Death that he may never die. (Back-up Story in Saga of the Swamp Thing #6)It is likely, then, that he is cursed with immortality for his original transgression, whatever it was.

In another source, the Stranger suggested that nothing is hidden from him - he may possess a kind of cosmic awareness as well. Certainly, he often appears in the role of a guide, nudging people towards the correct path.

One of the interesting aspects of the Stranger is that he seems to be unaffected by shifts in reality - whatever may change, he does not. (See JLA/Avengers, Impulse #87)

Though tremendously adept at magic, the Stranger is limited in his interference in mortal affairs. The arcane rules that limit his interference are not readily apparent; however, he almost invariably appears only in crises of a mystical nature.

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